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Manage your website directly from your smartphone, Through the application, You will be able to monitor the visitors to your site, add photos to Web pages by taking them from your smartphone, manage orders, book and publishing news in real time.


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Whatever is your business, we have what you need!​


Select it and start creating your own unique site right away. You can modify every aspect. You are free to do whatever you want with it!

Custom Domain: Choose among the many extensions .com .net .it .info .pro etc..


​Create your e-commerce and start selling worldwide


Create an e-commerce site, or you can categorize products, making them available or private, shipment management, promotional coupons and everything you need to present your products at their best.

Your visitors can quickly and easily pay using their credit card, debit card or a prepaid card.

Insert the products in your web site the easiest way possible. Upload photos, enter a description, create a category: all in a few clicks.

Manager e-commerce
Dashboard - Controls - Products - Categories - Options - shipping Center - Coupons - Settings - E-mail - Facebook Tab - Google Merchant Center - Translation

Unlimited Space: Create as many pages as you want, you have no space limit.


Booking Online


The rooms of your hotel or your bed and breakfast are online now and ready to accommodate your customers thanks to Online Booking. Enter your rooms, their data and manage reservations, services, and seasons has never been so simple!


Real estate

With the App List "Real Estate", you can bring your online Agency. Your customers will have a search panel complete and detailed to find what they are looking for. They will contact you to get more information on your real Estate.



5 e-Mail accounts: You will get 5 powerful accounts with 5 Gig of storage.


Your Restaurant Onligne!

Add photogalleries and everything you need to whet the appetite of your visitors.

Raise awareness of your restaurant, menu, offerings, tasty main, your wonderful staff... and communicate with both,  desktop and mobile users!

Private Space: Select the pages that you need to protect.


Blog & Newsletter

Post your news at the blog and send promotions and updates to your customers with a real engine to manage the creation of your commercial e-mails and their sending.

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Selling Digital Goods

When your client purchase a digital good, a link with the validity and number limited downloads will be generated.

Everything you need

Your unique site

Mobile device

Search engines

Enter the keywords, titles and descriptions you want, to increase the visibility of the site on Google and other search engines.  Every change  is automatically reported to the search engines.

Thanks to SiteCo's intuitive technology you can create a website as you always wanted it. You don't have to know any programming language or use software to create websites

With two workspaces, one desktop and one mobile, you can create a perfect, complete and tailor-made website for every screen and smartphone.

Page Protection


Billing are easy

Register by entering your data and your recipient code (SDI) or PEC and you will receive the electronic invoice as required by the new Budget Law.
Your e-commerce site is also ready for electronic invoicing.

Select the page to be protected, and only users to whom you have provided your credentials, you will be able to view, through an access panel, your exclusive content.

Thanks to the multilingual functionality you can make your site international. SiteCo provides you with all the tools you need to add new languages to the site and to allow you to reach many new customers.


The exclusive advantages of the PRO version


Powerful e-commerce

5 x 5 GB e-mail

Custom address

Increase your web sales with an attractive product catalog and a simple management panel.

5 personalized emails that will provide more professionalism to the communications with your customers.

Choose among the many extensions

.com  .net  .it  .info  .pro  etc...



Site backup

Unlimited space

Get information about your visitors: from their origin, to the number of daily visits. - Learn more

You can save a backup of the site so you can go back in case of second thoughts.

Enter as much content as you want without limits of space. There is no limit to your content.


Advanced SEO

Newsletter Management

Html and Script

Manage all header and body metatags and use favicon to improve your site's SEO performance.

A real engine to manage the creation of your commercial e-mails and their sending with the Customer Management. -  Learn  more

Can you hack into HTML code? You can add a custom feature to your site.

How to Activate the Pro Version:

After you have created your web site using the Free Version of SiteCo, you can activate the Professional features directly from the work area of your free website.

To be able to complete the purchase, you will need to select the domain to link to your web site, enter a payment mode (credit card or Paypal) and your header data and billing.

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